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Vegan leather: An eco-friendly material for sustainable fashion towards environmental awareness
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The earth getting warmer, habitat is destroyed, synthetic dyes impact on the environment and human health, animal skin and hair are used to create expensive fashionable clothes. Vegan leather is a new invention for the manifesto on sustainable fashion; it was created by reproducing leftovers or growing biological cells. This article towards environmental awareness of human, the fashion industry needs to follow sustainable humanitarian values, through biotechnology not only creates eco-friendly materials but also minimizes negative impacts on the planet. The study is conducted using data collection, analysis and synthesis of previous studies from reports by the international organizations, animal protection and the environment websites, international scientific publications including the results of research on the properties of vegan materials. The results of the study show that the main raw materials come from agricultural waste sources, each type of vegan leather has its own properties, but there is a general property of most vegan leathers is highly bio-degradable. There are two groups of artificial skins, faux leather and vegan leather to replace animal skins, each with advantages and disadvantages. Thereby, the research article discusses in three issues: firstly, vegan fashion not only protects animal rights, but also shows ethic responsibility; secondly, it cannot be concluded that vegan leather can replace real leather 


because the production process has many waste problems; thirdly, fashion brands have join hands to improve environmental and social


 responsibility towards sustainable values. The paper concludes that the process of research and development of alternative materials is underway very actively; it expands the sense and responsibility of the fashion industry in protecting the global ecosystem.

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