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About the Pineapple Leaves Fiber
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Pineapple plant is widely cultivated for the fruit in tropical and subtropical regions of the world.  The leaves of pineapple plant contain approximately 3% of strong white silky fibres.  These fibres can be extracted from the leaves either by Retting or mechanical means, Leaf fibres are obtained from the leaves of mono cotyleadnous plant.  The fibre occurs in bundles in aggregates of individual cells, with the ends over lapping so as to produce continues filament throughout the length of the leaf.  The fibres are concentrated in large quantity nearer to the lower surface of the leaf.  The leaves are generally thicker and fleshy often with hard surface.  The fibres are held in position by the cellular tissues of the leaf by gummy and waxy substance. 




The Philippines and Taiwan are the chief producer of the pineapple leaf fibre followed by Brazil, Hawaii, Indonesia, West Indies and India.  Only in India, the yield of fibres could be about 6 lacks tones a year if proper extraction method is adopted.  However the pineapple leaves go mostly as agriculture waste at present.

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