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The Humance Way of Pineapple Leaf Vegan Leather
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The pineapple leather is a perfect alternative to substitute for cattle, sheep, pig or goat skinIt’s vegan leather! Every year we produce about 10,000 yards of vegan leather, which means more than 15,000 innocent animals have been saved from being skinned.

Moreover the manufacturing process of vegan leather is much more eco-friendly than those in creating animal leather. Plant cellulose is much simpler to work with than the animal proteins in composition and treatment. 



In fact, to qualify as eco-friendly every process should satisfy the following 4 conditions;

Raw materials: should be natural, regenerate, and be easily available to reduce transportation.

Manufacturing process:  zero or low negative impact of harmful chemical emission into the environment.

Product function:  the relevant product should bring the customer feeling of comfort with durability function.

Biodegradablethe product should be easy and naturally degradable after use Pineapple Vegan leather fully satisfies.

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All 4 conditions so it operates as a perfect substitute for  animal and synthetic leather, eco equilibrium.

From nature and return to nature.

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