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It must be difficult for most people to live a life that reduces their desire to consume fashion. So today, let's learn about the trend of fashion circle for sustainable development, which is worthy of reference for our domestic enterprises, and how we as consumers should use consumption to support sustainable development. 

 It's the same problem all over the world. The leather industry is the fourth largest polluter, killing nearly a billion animals. We use 400 billion liters of water every year. For example, it takes about 8,000 litres of water to make a pair of leather shoes. He also points out that tanners in traditional industries are at risk of cancer.

 "PINOGREEN has the potential to change the leather industry," says Michael. We want people to enjoy the benefits of leather and avoid pollution, not to mention animal suffering." It is this environmental and human damage that has led PINOGREEN to create a vegan, eco- friendly bio-leather that is, plant-based leather. This smooth and unique material is made from the natural fibers of pineapple leaves. At the same time, the company guarantees that its product can be bioengineered to change its texture, thickness and flexibility, and that the plant-based leather will be fully commercialized. 

 Do you like the idea? In fact, as consumers, every purchase is voting to choose the enterprises that pollute the environment and harm the health of workers or the enterprises with more social responsibility. It's worth thinking about! 

 It is hoped that more and more enterprises will also pay attention to environmental and human health issues and create more sustainable development products.    

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