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What is the future trend of vegetal leather?
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In recent years, with the increasingly prominent global ecological and environmental problems, sustainable and green environmental protection has become the development direction of the whole industry. Sustainable new materials have become a "golden bowl," and plant-based leather has followed suit, attracting consumer brands. 

In March 2021, Hermes set off a frenzy when it announced that it was partnering with US startup Sylvania to launch its first "mushroom skin bag", the Victoria. "Mushroom Skin" is made of a special new material called Sylvania, which has a honeycomb structure that has the strength and durability of leather. 

The biggest distinction of plant leather and animal leather, plastic leather depends on do not use harmful chemical substance, can degrade naturally, do not pollute environment does not harm animal, it is development premise with environment friendly, and cost is lower, loss resource is less. 


PINOGREEN is also a natural materials company and manufacturer, with a sustainable vegan Leather product. We use the fiber of pineapple leaf to make a variety of animal leather substitutes, without harmful chemicals or animal ingredients, and soft, durable, breathable, light and other characteristics, with a variety of printing style, can well meet the needs of shoes, bags, cars and furniture products.    

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