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Before the Pineapple leaf became fiber and vegan leather
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Sustainable pineapples can grow in most tropical and sub-tropical areas, plain or hilly. It is a fruit which adapts readily without geographical concern. It’s a perennial plant which can produce year after year without continual laborious replanting. The plant is compact so it can withstand seasonal typhoons and other inclement weather. A hearty plant it needs very little water, fertilizer and pesticides.

Pineapple plants grow many leaves throughout its life cycle which we know work to pull CO2 out of the air replenishing our oxygen. Here, at PinoGreen, we process about 20,000 kgs of fresh leaves daily, a huge amount of carbon is fixed during this process. Our business model is designed to o oxygen enrich our environment!

The debris left after fiber extraction is rich in cellulose and glucose which is ideal fodder for cattle and sheep which otherwise consume tons of costly grains. The plant roots is a raw material from which chemists extract bromelain a natural curative for digestive problems 

and other medical applications. This fiber, fodder and the bromelian can bring extra income 

which is nearly equivalent to the sale of the pineapple fruit for the farmers.


Thus, we make full use of the traditional by-products to create added value to production, which not only increase the farmer’s income but also contributes to a positive environmental impact and as little waste as possible.

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