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Pineapple is the unexpected surprise
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Fruit has all sorts of unexpected uses besides human consumption. The thing we care about most, the thing we want to tell you about the pineapple is the unexpected surprise.


Hugo Boss, a German fashion house, has released its latest men's shoes made from the natural fibre plant leather found in pineapple leaves. From the 2019 H&M Spring Environmental Conscious Action Limited Collection, the dress is beautiful and fried, made from pineapple leaf fiber. So, what exactly is pineapple leaf fibre leather? How is it made?


 Fruit farmers first pick the green and full pineapple leaves back, using tools to scrape off the epidermis of the leaves, revealing thousands of strands of white and fine fiber, which is the pineapple fiber people need. The length of each pineapple fiber can reach 80-100cm. Although it is as thin as hair, it is very tough. The pineapple fiber extracted from dozens of pineapple leaves can pull a car, and the extracted pineapple fiber becomes a very competitive ecological textile material after washing and drying. 

The pineapple fiber is gelatinized and then pressed into a complete fiber material, which is dyed and treated in an environmentally friendly way to obtain a leather-like texture. Because there is no killing, no harm, no chemical agents to destroy the environment in the process of making pineapple leather, it soon received the recognition of designers, who used pineapple leather to replace animal leather, and designed various fashion items, such as handbags, shoes and so on. 

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Now pineapple fiber leather is very widely used, it can be used to make fashion, bags, shoes and hats, accessories, mobile phone accessories, furniture, car seats...... In the near future, leather may be replaced by "pineapple leather".

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