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Is the future of the vegan leather has to enclosure movement moment?
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Sustainability has been the most important topic for 

consumer brands in recent years, and the sustainability of 

product materials has become the top priority. 

Environmentally friendly products such as Marine waste 

recycling, recycled plastics and recycled cotton have 

attracted the attention of environmentalist consumers.

H&M's 2019 Conscious Exclusive collection featured jackets 

made from a leather substitute made from a newly developed 

cellulose pineapple leaf. H&M wants to do its part for the 

planet by recycling old clothes and using new fabrics to 

reduce pollution in production.

Mercer Amsterdam, a shoe brand based in Amsterdam, will 

launch sneakers in 2020 made from plant-based leather, 

recycled plastic bottles and EVA plastic soles based on 

seaweed extract. Vegea is the Italian biomaterial 

manufacturer. The leather is made from grape skins, stalks 

and seeds related to wine making.

Adidas is currently working on a new "plant-based leather" 

material for shoe manufacturing, a leather substitute made 

from pineapple leaf fiber to reduce the use of animal 

materials. This is adidas's new step towards a "green 


Allbirds announced a $2 million investment in 

Natural Fiber Welding, a sustainable materials technology 

company. With this investment, Allbirds hopes to work with 

Natural Fiber Welding to create the first 100% plant-based 

leather to break the barrier of sustainable fashion.

"Plant vegan leather" seems to become the consumer brand of 

the treasure of the hot cake, from materials to supply 

chain, from production to investment, is the future of the 

vegan leather has to enclosure movement moment? 

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