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Why pineapple leather?
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Why pineapple leather?

The pineapple is not merely a sweet juicy fruit. Here at PinoGreen, we have more reasons than that to choose the pineapple;


1. Sustainable growth

Pineapples can grow in most tropical and sub-tropical areas, plain or hilly. It is a fruit which adapts readily without geographical concern.

Its a perennial plant which can produce year after year without continual laborious replanting.

The plant is compact so it can withstand seasonal typhoons and other inclement weather.

A hearty plant it needs very little water, fertilizer and pesticides Pineapple plants grow many leaves throughout its life cycle which we know work to pull CO2 out of the air replenishing our oxygen. Here, at PinoGreen, we process about 20,000 kgs of fresh leaves daily, a huge amount of carbon is fixed during this process. Our business model is designed to o oxygen enrich our environment!


2.  Versatile leaves & roots

The debris left after fiber extraction is rich in cellulose and glucose which is ideal fodder for cattle and sheep which otherwise consume tons of costly grains.

The plant roots is a raw material from which chemists extract bromelain a natural curative for digestive problems and other medical applications. This fiber, fodder and the bromelian can bring extra income which is nearly equivalent to the sale of the pineapple fruit for the farmers.

Thus, we make full use of the traditional by-products to create added value to production, which not only increase the farmers income but also contributes to a positive environmental impact and as little waste as possible.

3.  Biodegradable

As all our products are plant-based extracts from pineapple leaves, they biodegradable in nature.


4.  The leather is multifunctional

Pineapple leather is much lighter, breathable, absorbs moisture and anti-bacterial compared with animal and synthetic leather.  Pineapple leather can do almost anything other leathers can do.  It's sturdy and durable, with many uses despite the fact that it has only been around for a short time. Pineapple leather has already found uses by fashion design companies to create wallets and purses


5.  Low carbon emission during manufacturing

As our pineapple farms are located near the coast, all power we use at our fiber extraction facilities from our own wind power generation station.

6.  Humane, cruelty free

The pineapple leather is a perfect alternative to substitute for cattle, sheep, pig or goat skinIt’s vegan leather! Every year we produce about 10,000 yards of vegan leather, which means more than 15,000 innocent animals have been saved from being skinned.

Moreover the manufacturing process of vegan leather is much more eco-friendly than those in creating animal leather. Plant cellulose is much simpler to work with than the animal proteins in composition and treatment. 


In fact, to qualify as eco-friendly every process should satisfy the following 4 conditions;

Raw materials: should be natural, regenerate, and be easily available to reduce transportation.

Manufacturing process:  zero or low negative impact of harmful chemical emission into the environment.

Product function:  the relevant product should bring the customer a feeling of comfort with durability function.

Biodegradable: the product should be easy and naturally degradable after use Pineapple Vegan leather fully satisfies.

All 4 conditions so it operates as a perfect substitute for  animal and synthetic leather, eco equilibrium.

From nature and return to nature.

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