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Mr Michael Kwan
About Us

Mr. Michael Kwan, the founder of PinoGreen, is an environmentalist and minimalist. He believes that human beings should only be an integrated part of nature, not its Master. He holds the philosophy of “Least is the best and zero waste”. It applies both to his life and has become his business model. Michael has been engaged in the pineapple and bast fiber industries for over two decades: from seeding, plantation, processing through the end product development. Michael Kwan has successfully realized the process of complete utilization of the pineapple, actualizing his lifelong aspiration by creating: 

PinoGreen the World !



We, PinoGreen, is a professional natural plant based 

leather manufacturer exclusively in PINEAPPLE .

Dedicated to substitute the currently animal and petro 

dominate leather industrial market, make fully use of the 

pineapple leaf agro waste.

Lessen the carbon, heavy metal and harsh chemicals emission.

Increase the biodegradablity, building a more lovely and harmony 

world with the animals and environment.

To us, vegan means love, eco and green.
Together we build such a beautiful world!


The Manufacturing Process
  • 流程图1-4.jpg


  • Pineapple Growing and

    Leather Manufacturing

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